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United States District Judge Opening
The Florida Federal Judicial Nominating Commission certified the following four finalists to Senators Nelson and Rubio for two U.S. District Judge positions in the Middle District of Florida.

Patricia D. Barksdale
William F. Jung
Philip R. Lammens
Stephen R. Senn   

Updates to Handbook on Civil Discovery Practice and CM/ECF Administrative Procedures
The Middle District of Florida recently updated both its Handbook on Civil Discovery Practice and Administrative Procedures for Electronic Filing in CM/ECF.  The Discovery Handbook (available HERE) captures local custom and practice and supplements the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the Local Rules, and existing case law.  The Discovery Handbook is considered highly persuasive in addressing discovery issues in the Middle District of Florida.  The CM/ECF Administrative Procedures (available HERE) provides attorneys and litigants with mandatory directions in using CM/ECF.  The documents are also available on the Court’s website,

Courthouse Security Procedures
Although in place for some time now, attorneys still have questions about the Court’s security procedures.  A standing order pertaining to attorney utilization of personal electronic devices in the courthouse has been issued by the Court, which is available for download HERE.  Item(s) such as cell phones, laptop computers, tablets, audio recorders, etc. are not allowed in the courthouse by the general public without a court order.

Mediation News
Effective July 12, 2015, all attorneys submitting applications for Mediator Certification must complete an online application.  Paper applications are no longer accepted.  The Court appoints new mediators twice a year in January and July.  The deadline for submission of applications is the first business day of January and July.  Applications submitted after the deadline will be held and considered during the next certification process.

Attorney Admissions
If you are not yet admitted to the Middle District of Florida, the next attorney admissions is October 6, 2015, with an application cut-off date of September 29, 2015.  More information is available on the Court’s website at,  The Attorney Admission Application may be downloaded HERE.  If you are already a member, visit the Court’s website for renewal requirements.