2023 Constitution & Citizenship Day

In September 2023, Southwest Florida celebrated its second annual Constitution and Citizenship Day Celebration at the Federal Courthouse! Fed Bar—along with the Middle District (through its Bench Bar Funds)—proudly hosted the event. Guests and and passersby joined in the festivities, which took place on the front steps of the Courthouse.

The event included a Naturalization Ceremony and live reading of US Constitution provisions. Among the many wonderful speakers were Florida Supreme Court Justice John Couriel and Carlos Baradat. Both Justice Couriel and Baradat shared moving thoughts about each of their experiences with the naturalization process. Justice Couriel shared his family’s journey immigrating from Cuba and explained how much he still appreciated that courage all these years later. Baradat offered a heartwarming account of his story pursuing the American dream as a Venezuelan-American. They provided wonderful insight for the new citizens and everyone else in attendance. What’s more, their comments provided outstanding context for listening to the Constitution and understanding its importance to this day.

This event has quickly become Fed Bar’s keystone event. And we’ll be back in 2024. Mark your calendars for September 19, 2024!

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